Can An Employer Require Employees To Get COVID-19 Tested?

Employers Requiring COVID-19 Testing

As people begin to return to their workplaces, many people are worried about the COVID-19 related risks associated with bringing people back together. Especially in traditional office settings, where people spend the whole day in close proximity to one another, people are concerned about transmitting or contracting the virus. A common question people have regarding their workplace safety is “can an employer require their employees to take a COVID-19 test”? Whether you’re asking for yourself or on behalf of others, the best way to remain safe is to stay updated on the news.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the law forbids employers from requiring medical testing unless it is job-related and necessary for the business. However, for employees with a contagious disease, it is permissible to test for an illness that poses a direct threat to others in the workplace. As COVID-19 is easily transmissible and can cause hospitalizations, it falls under the second distinction and an employer is allowed to require COVID-19 screening or testing under the ADA. Most of the time, employers will only require testing for unvaccinated individuals, but nonetheless employers have the final say to choose if employees need to get tested.

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