Can Employers Ask For Proof of COVID-19 Test and Results?

The Need For Proof of COVID-19 Test and Results

Now that many companies are returning to the office, there are many new potential problems regarding the safety of the workspace and the current COVID-19 pandemic. The main concern is making sure that no one in the office has the virus, and that everyone puts forth their best effort to prevent themselves and others from getting sick. Many people who decide to return to work are conscious of the COVID-19 related risks associated with coming back to work and choose to get vaccinated. While some people try their best to stay safe, others may be less socially responsible regarding other’s health. With this in mind, can an employer ask an employee whether they tested positive for COVID-19 or not and can they ask for proof of a COVID-19 test and the results?

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it is illegal for healthcare providers to share medical information without your consent. So while your employer will not be able to access your medical information without your consent, they can still legally request that information for the safety of the company and its employees. An employer can ask for both proof of taking a COVID-19 test and the result of the test to ensure the wellbeing of other employees in the company. In this case, you would have to respond and grant the employer’s request or risk disciplinary measures or even termination.

If your workplace is currently requiring people to get tested to work in the office, you can check out one of our several COVID-19 testing centers below to get tested, so you can provide proof of the test and results. In addition, if you would rather test yourself from home you can find our Certified Teleservice for COVID Testing that can be done from anywhere with any EUA approved test. 

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