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20162 Birch Street, Suite 125, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Frequently Asked Questions

PCR test results can be received as soon as 24 hours after your test sample has been collected, but it can take a few days depending on how busy the laboratory is and how long it takes the sample to reach it. 

No, a rapid covid test is not the same as a PCR test. A rapid test checks for covid antigens only, while a PCR test will detect genetic material from the covid virus. A rapid test can have results returned within an hour; PCR test results take at least 24 hours. 

A covid antigen test will tell you whether your body is currently infected with covid. Antigens are what stimulate your body's immune response and a rapid covid test will check for covid antigens specifically. 

Yes, you can obtain a covid test even if you don't have any symptoms. Rapid tests are most effective if you already have symptoms, though, so if you believe you've been exposed to covid and aren't having symptoms yet, you need a PCR test to be certain of a diagnosis. 

Drive-thru covid testing in Newport Beach is available at 20162 Birch St, Suite 125. 

There is no fee for canceling an appointment with OnPoint Testing. You may cancel any time for a full refund.

To request a refund, please fill out the following form: REFUND REQUEST.

People looking for a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test or PCR testing will find our Newport Beach, California, located near cities like Orange, Santa Ana, and Stanton, and a part of Orange County, helpful to them in finding COVID-19 tests near them.

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