The Benefits of Online Virtual COVID-19 Testing

Many people know that you can get COVID-19 tested by yourself at home, but many people don’t know that you can actually get official test certifications while you’re at it. This is where virtual COVID-19 testing comes in.

How Online COVID-19 Testing Works

An online COVID-19 test works very similar to a traditional COVID-19 test (To read more on how a standard COVID-19 test is conducted, click here). The only difference between the two methods is that in an online test you will be performing the test yourself on an online video conference with a licensed medical professional. 


First, you will need a home COVID-19 test, either a government issued test or an over-the-counter test can be used. Then you will need a device that can make video calls so you can attend your video call. During the appointment, you will conduct the test while the medical assistant observes and verifies that you have performed the test correctly. Shortly after taking the test, the medical assistant will give you a certificate with certified proof of the test result.


Why Online Virtual Testing?

There are many reasons why you should COVID-19 tested online. The main reason is it’s incredibly easy to get tested online. You can test from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, whether it is from home or while abroad in a hotel. This means no waiting in line at a testing center and no coming into contact with other people. 


Not only is it more convenient, it can be safer because the only person present is you. And because there is a medical professional observing you, they can verify you conducted the test correctly. This means that there is less chance of making an error then if you were to take the test alone. 


In addition to those reasons, online virtual testing still gets you a test certificate to travel. You can still show proof of a COVID-19 test result which can clear you for international travel and get you into events such as cruises or concerts.

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