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New Rapid PCR Tests Now Available

OnPoint Testing is now proud to announce the release of our new COVID-19 Certified Rapid PCR Tests and Test Kits! These new tests are capable of getting test results back in 30 minutes or less and they are able to detect all COVID-19 variants including the Delta and Omicron variants. To see the differences between the variants, check out our “Delta vs Omicron” article.

How The Tests Work

A PCR Test or Polymerase Chain Reaction test is a diagnostic test that analyzes a test sample to see if it contains genetic material of the virus. While a PCR test searches for genetic material of the virus, it differs from an antigen test which looks for molecules of proteins found in the virus. Our PCR tests can detect the virus with 100% sensitivity (the true positive rate, meaning positive tests are actually positive) and 98% specificity (the true negative rate, meaning negative tests are actually negative). The tests are easy to conduct and anyone 14 or older is authorized to do the test themself. If however you are worried about not being able to conduct the test properly yourself, you can purchase a Certified Rapid PCR Test Travel Kit, which includes the PCR test itself and a virtual appointment with a trained professional who can guide you throughout the process. 

The Rapid PCR Test essentially includes three main parts, a sterile nasal swab, a sample vial, and a testing unit. To begin the test, take the nasal swab out of its secure container and proceed to insert the nasal swab up into your upper nasal cavity. After taking a sufficient sample, put the nasal swab and its contents into the sample vial. Place the sample vial into the testing unit and start the testing unit. In the case of a positive test, results will be returned in as fast as 11 minutes, and in the case of a negative test, results will be returned in up to 30 minutes. The test results will be easy to understand as all you have to do is look at the indicator on the testing unit which will either light up with a “Positive” or “Negative” notification. If the testing device starts to flash all of its lights, then this will indicate that the test is invalid. After completing your test, safely dispose of the test, and if necessary report your condition to the proper authorities. 

How You Can Take The Test

Currently OnPoint Testing sells the Rapid PCR Tests online so that you can take the test in the safety and comfort of your own home, or you can visit an official OnPoint Testing Test Center and take the same exact test in person with the help of trained professionals. To learn more about the Rapid PCR Test and how to get one, click here. Whichever option you choose, both the online and in-person tests will give you the same certification in order to travel out of the country. To see which countries accept which tests, click here to visit our other blog post. 

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