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Rapid Antigen Test Offered

1 Hour Results -$69

Antigen testing also referred to as rapid testing, is used to detect active infection.  It can be used under clinical supervision and with the observation of symptoms to evaluate results.

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You can schedule your test directly on our home page, just choose the closest location and reserve your time slot. There is no fee for cancelations or rescheduling. Walk-ups are welcome.

All of our locations are open 7 Days a Week From 8:00am – 7:00pm.

Required testing varies upon destination. Please make sure that the International destination you are traveling to accepts Antigen Tests for travel requirements.

Results Certificate is provided with QR code valid for travel to countries accepting Antigen Test. Results are provided via email and text within 1 hour of test.

We test children starting at 6 months of age and older. Parents may choose to perform the test on young children by oral or nasal swab.

We do not accept any type of insurance. The cost of the test is $69.00 and we accept all forms of credit cards (VISA/AMEX/MasterCard/Discover)

OnPoint Testing does not currently perform PCR tests. OnPoint Testing specializes in Rapid Antigen Testing which is the most efficient testing for the community as a first line of defense against the COVID-19 Virus

You do not need a car or vehicle to get tested with us. Walk up are welcome.

Drive thru testing means the whole testing process will be performed without leaving your car in one of our multiple lanes.

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