Can I Drink Alcohol Before A COVID-19 Test?

Effect of Alcohol on COVID-19

As an important reminder, in no way will the consumption of alcohol protect you from COVID-19 or catching it in the first place. In addition, consuming alcohol will not kill any virus particles in the air or in your body. With this in mind, one can consume alcohol before a COVID-19 test and it will have no effect on the outcome of their test. However, it is generally unsafe to consume alcohol before taking your test. For example, consuming alcohol in a public place such as a bar, restaurant, or a nightclub increases your chance of getting COVID-19 by coming into contact with many more people. It is also unsafe to consume alcohol because it inhibits your senses and abilities, it may slow down your processing and make you unable to make important decisions. This can affect your testing procedure, if you are inebriated and unable to safely perform your test it could cause inconvenience for the medical assistants. So while you can have alcohol before a COVID-19 test it is not recommended to do so.

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