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How A Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test Is Done

Why get COVID-19 Tested

As COVID-19 continues to affect millions of people in multiple countries, more people are wanting to get tested in order to stay safe. Some people may be hesitant to get tested or are even nervous about how the testing process works. This blog post will outline how the COVID-19 testing process works for rapid antigen tests from beginning to end to clear up any doubts or misconceptions. 


How a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test works

There are three main steps to a rapid antigen COVID-19 test.

1. A sterile nasal swab is inserted through the nose into a person’s upper respiratory tract and a mucus sample is taken. 

2. After taking the sample, the swab and its contents are put into a test tube.

3. The test tube with the sample inside is put into a testing device to begin the testing process. After starting the testing device you will have to wait for the sample to be analyzed and results to be returned.

Whether you take the test from inside your car or as a walk-in in a testing center, the test works the same way. The testing device used in rapid antigen tests looks for specific viral antigens, which will indicate a viral infection being present when the specified antigens are found. Typically a rapid antigen test will take about 15-30 minutes to conduct this process and get results. After getting your results back, in the event that they are positive, notify the proper authorities and have a plan to isolate yourself and quarantine.

If you would like to take an rapid antigen test yourself, you can visit one of our multiple testing centers found below where we also have PCR tests. (To find out the difference between antigen tests and PCR tests, click here). If getting tested from the comfort of your home is more your speed, you can also check out our Certified Teleservice for COVID testing that can be used with any EUA certified test.

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