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Is a Rapid Antigen Test the Same as a Lateral Flow Test?

Since there has previously been limited numbers of COVID-19 tests, you may find yourself only having access to certain types of diagnostic tests. When this happens, how can you be sure that the different tests work as well or are the same? In addition to the common COVID-19 tests, what is a lateral flow test? And is a rapid antigen test the same as a lateral flow test? 

Most people are familiar with the difference between a rapid antigen test and a PCR test (click here to see the difference between PCR and Antigen Testing), but what about the difference between a rapid antigen test and a lateral flow test? Well, the answer is actually quite simple, they are the same thing. A rapid antigen test is part of a broader category, it is a type of lateral flow test. A lateral flow test is a biochemical test that measures the presence or concentration of a designated molecule or antigen in a test sample. In a rapid antigen test, the test uses lateral flow technology to search for proteins of the virus and confirm its presence. An antigen test is very accurate for detecting if someone is sick. It is especially useful when used as a screening tool on patients who are showing multiple symptoms of COVID-19. So when faced with a choice of a rapid antigen test and a lateral flow test for COVID-19, they are the same and are used for the same function.

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