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OnPoint Testing Is A Proud Testing Partner Of The US National Olympics Junior Shooting Team

OnPoint Testing is proud to announce that we are now an official testing partner of the US National Olympics Junior Shooting Team! As a partner, OnPoint Testing is committed to delivering quality, convenient, and unparalleled service to consumers everywhere.

Get PCR Test Results In Less Than Half An Hour With OnPoint Testing

OnPoint Testing is now proud to announce the release of our new COVID-19 Certified Rapid PCR Tests and Test Kits! These new tests are capable of getting test results back in 30 minutes or less and they are able to detect all COVID-19 variants including the Delta and Omicron variants. 

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The Benefits of Online Virtual COVID-19 Testing

Many people know that you can get COVID-19 tested by yourself at home, but many people don’t know that you can actually get official test certifications while you’re at it. This is where virtual COVID-19 testing comes in. How Online COVID-19 Testing Works An online COVID-19 test works very similar to a traditional COVID-19 test

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Why Are There So Many Different Types of COVID-19 Tests Available?

Why COVID-19 tests are in Abundance Initially when the COVID-19 pandemic started, getting tested was a rare luxury available to only a small population. Now that we are over two years into the pandemic, there are over a hundred different test manufacturers and hundreds of different COVID-19 tests available and there is no shortage in

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Does A COVID-19 Test Distinguish Between Delta And Omicron

Why To Get COVID-19 Tested With both the Delta and Omicron COVID-19 variants active, the need for testing and safety is at an all time high. Now that the world is aware of Delta and Omicron, we can begin to understand what makes them different, and how to stop them. Right now the best method

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Why Are PCR Tests More Expensive Then Antigen Tests?

What Makes PCR Tests More Expensive Than Antigen Tests When it comes to COVID-19 testing, there are two main tests that are used today, rapid antigen tests and PCR tests. When comparing the two, why are PCR tests more expensive? First off, one of the main differences is that PCR tests are more accurate for

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What Happens At A Drive Through COVID-19 Test?

What Is A Drive Through COVID-19 Test? Just by the name, many people should be able to tell what a drive through COVID-19 test is. But is a COVID-19 test any different when conducted in a drive through? Well as you may be able to tell, the only difference is that these tests are done

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Can Landlords Require COVID-19 Testing?

Landlord Rights Regarding COVID-19 With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting so many households, many people fear the ramifications on the housing market such as being forced to sell a home and move into an apartment. In situations where people are tenants, do their landlords have any additional rights or responsibilities regarding COVID-19? For example, do landlords

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Can I Drink Alcohol Before A COVID-19 Test?

Effect of Alcohol on COVID-19 As an important reminder, in no way will the consumption of alcohol protect you from COVID-19 or catching it in the first place. In addition, consuming alcohol will not kill any virus particles in the air or in your body. With this in mind, one can consume alcohol before a

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Can Pneumonia Cause A False Positive COVID-19 Test?

Does Pneumonia trigger COVID-19? Luckily for us, COVID-19 tests are now very accurate. The only time COVID-19 tests should return positive results is when they detect the virus. While having just pneumonia itself is not enough to trigger a false positive on a COVID-19 test, pneumonia and COVID-19 are not that far apart. In fact

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Can Pregnancy Cause A False Positive COVID-19 Test?

The Effects of COVID-19 on Pregnancy Currently there are no major studies regarding pregnant women and the effects of pregnancy on COVID-19 tests. However, based on how COVID-19 tests work and what they test for, being pregnant should not affect the outcome of the tests. In addition, there is no evidence that shows being pregnant

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Can You Test Positive For COVID-19 Without Any Symptoms?

What Does It Mean to Be Asymptomatic? Usually when someone imagines getting sick with COVID-19, they envision themselves unable to move, with a high fever and uncontrollable coughing. However the truth is not every COVID-19 case is like this, the virus doesn’t always affect people in the same way. There are many accounts of people

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Can Other Viruses Cause Positive COVID-19 Results?

Do Other Viruses trigger COVID-19 Tests? During the COVID-19 pandemic, the way many countries and governments track the spread of the virus is through extensive testing. The benefit of testing is that health agencies can track areas that are hit and how severe the cases in that area are. When COVID-19 tests are conducted, what

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Can An Employer Ask If You Are Vaccinated?

Are you Vaccinated? In the workplace, keeping employees safe is the number one priority for any company. One of the ways employers can ensure the safety of their employees is limit the chances of spreading COVID-19 by having COVID-19 awareness and procedures in place. Given the circumstances regarding the virus, can an employer ask their

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How Long To Isolate After I Recover From COVID-19

What Happens To COVID-19 Patients People who caught COVID-19 are required to isolate themselves and quarantine for the safety of others until they recover. Depending on how severe the virus affected the individual, and if they are symptomatic or asymptomatic, the length of self-isolation may differ. How long does one have to wait after recovering

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Can Employers Ask For Proof of COVID-19 Test and Results?

The Need For Proof of COVID-19 Test and Results Now that many companies are returning to the office, there are many new potential problems regarding the safety of the workspace and the current COVID-19 pandemic. The main concern is making sure that no one in the office has the virus, and that everyone puts forth

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Can An Employer Require Employees To Get COVID-19 Tested?

Employers Requiring COVID-19 Testing As people begin to return to their workplaces, many people are worried about the COVID-19 related risks associated with bringing people back together. Especially in traditional office settings, where people spend the whole day in close proximity to one another, people are concerned about transmitting or contracting the virus. A common

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Can A COVID-19 Test Be Negative One Day And Positive The Next?

Can I test Negative and Positive? Taking COVID-19 tests to see if you carry the virus is one of the best ways to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. If you are exposed to several people throughout the day for your job, you might consider taking regular COVID-19 tests to make sure you haven’t contracted

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Rapid Antigen Test being Performed with OnPoint Testing

How A Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test Is Done

Why get COVID-19 Tested As COVID-19 continues to affect millions of people in multiple countries, more people are wanting to get tested in order to stay safe. Some people may be hesitant to get tested or are even nervous about how the testing process works. This blog post will outline how the COVID-19 testing process

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OnPoint COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

Is a Rapid Antigen Test the Same as a Lateral Flow Test?

Since there has previously been limited numbers of COVID-19 tests, you may find yourself only having access to certain types of diagnostic tests. When this happens, how can you be sure that the different tests work as well or are the same? In addition to the common COVID-19 tests, what is a lateral flow test?

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Are False Negative PCR COVID-19 Tests Common?

How To Understand COVID-19 Test Results When getting tested for COVID-19, a valid concern you may have regarding your COVID-19 test is whether or not the test produced accurate results. Is it possible that your test could come up as a false negative? This question is actually more common than you may think. To first

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When Is The Best Time To Get COVID Tested With Symptoms?

Symptoms of COVID-19 If you or a loved one has recently been experiencing the dreaded symptoms of COVID-19, do you have to get tested right away? First of all, what are some signs of COVID-19 that need to be tested for? The common ones are fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue,

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