Appointments Available 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week!

Certified Teleservice COVID Testing

Test Anywhere with a Video Appointment Using Any Over The Counter Approved Home Test and Receive Lab Certified Results!

  • Virtual Appointment with OnPoint Testing Assistant
  • Lab Certified Results Approved For Travel
  • Can be Used With Any At Home Over The Counter Test
  • Up to Four People per Appointment (each individual must purchase teleservice)


How To Take A Virtual Covid Test?


Purchase a test

Purchase any Over The Counter authorized test. Please ensure test box is unopened until time of appointment.


Purchase & Schedule

Schedule your appointment directly after check out on your order confirmation page. Appointments can be updated anytime!


Attend Virtual Appointment​

Join your scheduled appointment to have your test supervised by our staff.


Get Results​

Receive certified lab results immediately to fly Home or to your travel destination.

Appointments Available 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week!

Now Only


The Most Convenient Way To Get Tested During Travel.

Bring your test with you and test from the comfort of your hotel or AirBnb!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments can be rescheduled anytime and do not expire.

*Due to ever changing global travel requirements, tele-services are non refundable. 

During your scheduled virtual appointment, a testing specialist will supervise your test. Once the process is complete, our test supervisor will notate the results and provide you with a lab certified certificate approved for travel, cruises, events and more.

You can use any over the counter test bought from a certified reseller.

You can use your certificate for anything that requires an Antigen test negative result!

Once you purchase the service, an email will be sent to your email address that has a calendar where you can choose your preferred time and date. 

All you need is a device that can access the internet, an internet connection, an Over The Counter unopened home COVID-19 test, and an active email account. Please be sure to have your test with you and only open the aluminum pouch when you are ready to do the test and are connected to your virtual appointment.

Yes, using the calendar link provided after purchase, you can reschedule your virtual appointment anytime!

Yes, our Tele-service virtual appointments will be accepted by all international air lines for the return to the United States.

Our Tele-service virtual appointment certificate is exactly the same as an in-person testing site test. 

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