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OnPoint Health Unlimited Virtual Covid Testing

USD$29.99 / month with 1 week free trial

Unlimited Covid Teleservice Testing with Certified Results. 

  • Book as Many Appointments as Needed Per Month.
  • 24/7 Appointments Available.
  •  Results Certificate Authorized for Flight Travel, Cruises, Events and Much More.


Available 24/7

Unlimited Testing

Certified Results Certificate

Cancel Anytime

How To Use an OnPoint Health Membership.


Purchase a Membership

Once your membership is active, our booking portal allows you to book appointments any time, 24/7!


Get a Home Test

Purchase any authorized home test or order one from OnPoint Testing with a 10% membership discount.


Attend Virtual Appointment

Join your scheduled appointment to get assistance from our medical staff and to have your results validated.


Get Results

Receive certified lab results immediately for flight travel, cruises, events or any engagement that requires a negative results..

Unlimited virtual COVID testing

Our trained staff will supervise and help you take your test. After completion, your results will be validated through an end to end encrypted video meeting, allowing us to provide a lab certified certificate you can use to board air travel, cruises or attend events requiring a negative Antigen test!

Unlimited Monthly COVID Testing

OnPoint Testing Membership

*Cancel Anytime

USD$29.99 / month with 1 week free trial

The Most Convenient Way To Get Tested During Travel.

Bring your test with you and test from the comfort of your hotel or AirBnb!

Get 10% Off Our Tests When You Become A member!

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