OnPoint Testing Is A Proud Testing Partner of The Seattle RV Show

OnPoint Testing Is Now A Partner Of The Seattle RV Show

OnPoint Testing is proud to announce that we are now the official testing partner of the Seattle RV Show! As a partner, OnPoint Testing is committed to delivering quality, convenient, and unparalleled service to consumers everywhere. 


The Seattle RV show is the biggest RV show in the Pacific Northwest and will be from February 17-20 at the Lumen Field Event Center! This event will offer a wide variety of attractions and seminars, such as contests where you can enter to win two kayaks! You can see over 20 dealers with hundreds of new RVs!

Participating exhibitors such as DTP Technologies, who specialize in satellite TV for home and RVs, KM Resorts of America, who specialize in RV campgrounds in Washington state, RV Life, who specialize in RV apps and route planning, and more will be here at the Seattle RV Show! The seminars will also include Concealed Carry Permits for RV Travelers, Stay Legal Towing Capacity – Matching Truck and Trailer, and How to Make the Journey as Important as the Destination! 

So come on by to the Seattle RV Show from February 17-20 at the Lumen Field Event Center, and make sure to not miss this experience! 


OnPoint Testing will offer its services both at the 526 1st Ave S, Seattle location- which is only a 3 minute walk from the stadium- as well as the west show entrance from open to 6:00 p.m. Our rapid antigen tests will cost $69.00 and will have results in less than one hour

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