What Happens At A Drive Through COVID-19 Test?

What Is A Drive Through COVID-19 Test?

Just by the name, many people should be able to tell what a drive through COVID-19 test is. But is a COVID-19 test any different when conducted in a drive through? Well as you may be able to tell, the only difference is that these tests are done while you remain seated in your car such as when you are in a drive through, hence the name. The process is still the same. A medical assistant will still conduct the test, just through your car window rather than being in the same room. The medical assistant will use a nasal swab and insert it into your nose in order to get a sample. They will then take the sample and put it into their testing device in order to get your results. After the medical assistant is done testing, you can simply drive off and wait to get your results. A large reason why testing centers are choosing to do drive through COVID-19 testing is because it reduces the amount of human contact the patient is exposed to, making it safer for patients. It also works similar to a real drive through in that there is a line and system to follow making the process quicker.

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