$18.99 Certified Virtual Teleservice COVID Testing (Bring Your Own Test)

$69 On-Site Rapid Antigen Test with Results in About 1 hour

$129 On-Site Rapid Molecular Test (Also known as PCR) With 5 Hours or Less Result

All tests include a certified results certificate.

Virtual COVID Testing Appointments Available Now!

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Certified Teleservice COVID Testing

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Affordable Testing​

Rapid Antigen Tests are $69. Results are available within 1 hour. 

Authorized Rapid Antigen Tests

All Rapid Antigen Tests given are authorized under Emergency Use Authorization.

Authorized Rapid Molecular Test ( Also Known as PCR)

Same day results available for travel and events. 

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Why OnPoint Testing?

OnPoint Testing is a leading COVID-19 testing company around the world.

Our mission is to deliver quality, convenient, patient-centered COVID Rapid Antigen Testing coupled unparalleled service that supports OnPoint Testing’s mission to care for and improve human life.

All COVID-19 Tests offered are performed by CLIA certified labs.

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The Benefits of Online Virtual COVID-19 Testing

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You can schedule your on-site test directly on our home page, just choose the closest location and reserve your time slot. No cancelation fees, cancel any time for a full refund. To request a refund for an on-site appointment, please call 800-960-0553.

Appointments can be booked on the confirmation page after checkout. Appointments can be rescheduled anytime and do not expire.

*Due to ever changing global travel requirements, tele-services are non refundable. 

On-Site Appointment Testing is Offered 7 Days a Week From 8:00am – 7:00pm.

Telehealth Virtual Appointments are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Due to the high demand of testing payment is required at time of booking to confirm your appointment. Bookings for On-Site in person appointments are fully cancelable and refundable. 

Online tele-service appointments are non refundable. 


OnPoint Testing offers both RT-PCR and Antigen tests with official lab results that can be used for international travel. Required testing varies upon destination. Please make sure that the international destination you are traveling to accepts Antigen or PCR tests for travel requirements.

Travel authorized results certificate is provided via email.

We test children starting at 6 months of age and older. Parents may choose to perform the test on young children by oral or nasal swab.

We do not accept any type of insurance. We accept all forms of credit cards (VISA/AMEX/MasterCard/Discover)

Rapid Antigen Test – 1-3 Hour Results – $69

Rapid PCR Test – 5 Hour Results – $129

RT-PCR Test – 24-72 Hour Results – $149

We offer Rapid Molecular Test (Also known As PCR) for $129 with results in 5 hours or less!

You do not need a car or vehicle to get tested with us. Walk up are welcome.

Drive thru testing means the whole testing process will be performed without leaving your car in one of our multiple lanes.

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